Easy Yet In-Depth Explanation of the Crisis in Ukraine

By now the crisis in Ukraine is finally hitting mainstream news in the US. Such a shame as this has been going on for months…not at this level of intensity but the seeds were planted back in November. The problem I’m having with most of the news I read on it now is that, well, it’s mostly incorrect. There are
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Some Perspective On The Unrest In Ukraine

  By now people in the US are finally starting to hear about what is going on in Ukraine. They see pictures of burning mountains of tires, of molotov cocktails being thrown around, and reading reports of the number of people (26 at this writing) that have perished as well as the hundreds (thousands?) that have been injured. It’s truly
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My view of the street as I sat on the bench outside the hotel

Chia In Novograd-Volynski, Ukraine: Day 1 Part 1

Finally, another installment from my trip to Ukraine. This will be recapping my first full day in Novograd-Volynski…a small town about 200km west of Kiev. It’s been just over a year now and I’m itching to go back but I don’t think I’ll be able to get there too soon, so instead I’ll make sure my next trip out is
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Larisa at restaurant

Chia’s First Day in Ukraine – Part 3

Ukraine has been on my mind a lot lately. Well, it tends to be on my mind a good bit considering it’s the screen saver for my Apple TV and also the lock screen on my phone (this nice picture of Kiev below). It’s also nearing that time of year that I made my venture into the wild unknown and
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The River Sluch in Novograd-Volynski. My computer desktop for months.

Chia’s First Day in Ukraine – Part Two

Now for a long-overdue continuation of my trip to Ukraine (if you want to start from the beginning, go to My Life Changing Trip to Ukraine). I just realized that we’re quickly approaching a year since I went over there and I still have yet to scratch the surface of my trip. The interesting thing is, it’s not because I
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Dear Mom, You Probably Think This Blog Is About You

Dear Mom, you probably think this blog is about you. Well, guess what…you’re right, it is. It’s been a while since I’ve written to you to let you know how things are. Life is still so very different since you left us a few years ago. Gone are the days where I call you each weekend just to give you
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One of the many cool buildings I saw in Ukraine.

Chia’s First Day in Ukraine

Alas, the time has finally arrived where I get to experience Ukraine for what it really is. I’ve done my research online, asked a bunch of friends and acquaintances what they knew about Ukraine (either from personal experiences or from their friends and family) and am ready to immerse myself in this land that has captivated me on and off
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Chia’s Ukraine Trip – Travel Day 1

Finally…some time (and getting over a cold) to start posting about my trip to Ukraine that I’ve been gushing about to everyone. Even though I’ve been back in the US for a week and a half, buried in work, and sick as hell…this trip is still finding ways to redefine me. (ps – this is part two of the series.
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My Life Changing Trip to Ukraine

I just returned from a trip to Ukraine and have to share this life changing experience as I can’t shake it from my mind and heart. Even though it’s been nearly a week since my return, my head still reels from everything I saw, tasted, experienced, and felt there. I only hope that the words I share here with you
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A Letter To My Mom – 2012

Hi Mom, It’s Mother’s Day 2012, my third Mother’s Day without you. Let me start off by saying I miss you so terribly much. So much has happened in the years that passed since you were taken from us. So much to tell, both good and bad. You were the best mother I can ever imagine having and I guess
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