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Choosing a Lifestyle to Live

I just returned from a snowboarding trip in Colorado and wow did it have me thinking. I love snowboarding, I miss snowboarding. I miss the culture. In my few days there, I was already buddying up with a few of the locals. It reminded me of the time I was one of the locals back in Santa Cruz. It also reminded me of a completely different life that I had there…one that is very important to me.

I made my way out there with a friend that I do some work with here and there. Instead of paying me (we’re all starving artists and entrepreneurs), we barter my services for a trip to go boarding with him. Fair deal (ok, he actually makes out better on it but we’re all friends…we know it will all come around sooner or later. Anything for a friend…). On day two I was telling him just how much I missed the lifestyle. Sure, I love boarding. We all know that. But it’s not the single act of boarding that I enjoy, it’s the lifestyle that surrounds it. It’s also having the lifestyle that allows you to board whenever you want. What if the weather sucked? Our months of planning and all those pre-paid expenses would have been shot to hell. Gone are the days of “hey dude, they just got eight inches last night. Wanna go boarding this weekend?”

It’s not just snowboarding though. It’s the mountain biking, road biking, surfing, hiking, camping. And again…it’s not only the activities themselves, but it’s the feeling you get when you do it, it’s the attitude of the people you’re doing it with.

It saddens me to have this boarding trip be such a big vacation. It should be a part of my lifestyle. It was at one point. It’s odd to have people think my boarding trips, my mtn bike rides, riding my road bike on a fundraiser from San Francisco to LA, and other such activities as “crazy” or “exotic”. No…they’re just things we do…or things that I used to do.

It’s a lifestyle choice. I want to be around people that have that same desire to remain active outdoors. I also want to be surrounded by people who have a creative flair, an entrepreneurial drive, a love for life. Sure, I can find these people anywhere. I always have, no matter where I’ve lived. However, I would much rather walk out the door and be surrounded by this rather than having to search for those pockets of people among a swarming mass of people that don’t share this vision with me.

One snowboarding trip. Two and a half days on the mountains. This is what it makes me think. I must return to where this is a part of my life, not a planned vacation. I must surround myself with people who value the same ideals. Life should be enjoyed…life should be lived. I choose to live it. I have made my decision and will soon take action.

I hope that this invigorates people, has them thinking about their life and if it’s what they truly want. We don’t have to go through life thinking the things we want are only luxuries to be enjoyed every now and then. Life is full of things that can fulfill us, from these simple activities to the surroundings we choose to live in. I can’t believe I almost settled for less than what I am worth. I hope this wake-up call for me also acts as a wake-up call for others who choose to live life.