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It’s The Little Things in Life (who knew naming a dog after you was neat?)

It’s the little things in life…

So there I was, snifflin’ and a sneezin’ due to this nasty cold that I’ve managed to catch. I guess it may have something to do with the fact it was in the 80s on Saturday and then down to the upper 20s just two days later (roughly 27 down to -3 for the rest of the world that uses the metric system). Blehhh…

Anyway…I was a snifflin’, sneezin’, and workin’ away when an email goes out to one of the email lists from college that I’m on. Evidently Bill Cosby has donated a Scottish Terrier to the school (Carnegie Mellon Univ) and the school wants suggestions for names. So this one guy posts this to the group and says “This sparked some completely juvenile emotions in yours truly, and anticipation of what wonderfully-creative responses this group might
come up with.” Fine…whatever. However, it was the next response that had me laughing for the first time that day (due to this pesky cold). Someone said “I put down Chia”. Then someone else said they put down Chia also and suggested someone start a Facebook group and see if we can get the dog named Chia.

At first it just made me chuckle. As I got more and more emails from people telling me they voted to have my name as the mascot, it made me think. I must have done something right over the years to have these guys suggest this out of the blue, start the group (called “Name the Mascot Chia” on Facebook), and get this thing going. It’s funny how these little things can put a smile on one’s face.

For years I have gone back to CMU to meet the new undergrads and keep ties with alumni. It’s given me a unique perspective, to see things from both the eyes of the elders and the eyes of those still in school and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Some people go to school for four years, put in their time studying (or drinking, or any combination thereof) and then leave. However, I can think of no less than half a dozen people offhand that I would do anything for should the need arise.

So what am I rambling about? I guess I’m just happy that I’ve managed to build such good friendships. I find it funny that people are so surprised to find out I still maintain such solid friendships from long ago. Then I find it almost sad that not everyone does. Then I’m happy again because I know I’ve got loads of good people supporting me no matter what I do. It may take time to cultivate these friendships but wow is it worth it. I’m honored that they want to immortalize me in CMU’s history by naming the mascot after me. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and do the same and show the school that it’s frienships and character that make life great, not loads of money that some rich dude donated.


Here’s to good friends!