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Surrounding Yourself With Good

I sit here now reflecting on the weekend that I just shared with some good friends and pondering the next couple months that will contain weekends that will be similar in nature…a gathering of close friends where we all do whatever we like, say whatever we want, and share our good company with no fears of being judged.

One can find a party anywhere if they want. One can spend a weekend with a large group of friends and acquaintances…and I’ve done it often throughout my life. However, over the years I’ve come to not only appreciate the fact I am able to surround myself with such good people but also to celebrate it. When I say “good people”, I sincerely mean wonderful people that make this a better planet. It’s truly comforting to show up, have people be happy that you arrived, and then to catch up with friends as you move along the evening in a variety of different activities. It could be playing games, sitting around with some drinks, cooking a big dinner together, celebrating a friend’s birthday…whatever the case may be, it’s a great time when we all gather and have no worries of being judged or feeling uncomfortable for any number of reasons. Society already places so many reasons to judge one another. You wear the wrong clothes, grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, have the wrong political or religious views, don’t have a good enough job. It’s dumb…and it’s sad…that these exist but it’s also a sad fact that they DO exist and we can’t really deny that. 

This is why I celebrate the relationships that I’ve build over the years. Screw the reasons to judge, to look down upon someone. As soon as these reasons don’t exist in your head, you find so many more reasons to celebrate a person, to see the beauty in everything they do. Get past the fact they don’t have a “good” job and you see 16 reasons why the job they do have makes them an extraordinary person who is creating good in the world, who is happy, and who brings happiness to all that surrounds them. THAT’S what I enjoy surrounding myself with…people that see past the reasons to judge that society has imposed and seeing the reasons to celebrate, smile, and want to be around these people more because they bring life into everything they do.

It’s interesting how one could continue on with this train of thought in this topic. One could get pissy at society for imposing such restrictions on our thought…but really, why bother? Why use our energy to conjure up negative thoughts? Why not simply look past these dumb “rules” and celebrate all that is good in the people we surround ourselves with? Once we do that, we find it is even easier to bring more of these people into our lives and before you know it you’ve got not just a circle of people that bring positive energy into your life, but an entire universe of people and relationships that make life so much more fulfilling.

May we all continue to celebrate…and I mean celebrate to the fullest…the goodness that is out there in the diversity of the population. Once you get past those reasons to judge, you never know what kind of amazing thing that person has to offer in your life.