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PageFlakes To Be Bought By Live Universe

TechCrunch is reporting that PageFlakes, a custom homepage-building site, is being bought by Live Universe. This is exciting news for startups abound as we see a company with a good product but not loads of money succeeding in the ever busy tech world of Silicon Valley. I’ve been using PageFlakes for well over a year now and couldn’t be happier to see it succeed. Using PageFlakes, one is able to build a custom portal so very quickly and easily. For example, I’ve got four pages on my PageFlakes site…News, Sports (mostly cycling, soccer, Steelers), Atlanta-centric, and fun (games, comics, etc). Why hit page after page surfing all over the net when you can do this?

Anyway…I digress. PageFlakes fell on my radar over a year ago amongst other similar sites (Netvibes is the only one that comes to mind right now) and PageFlakes is the one that won out in my picky “I only have so much time to futz around” life. I still haven’t seen any advertising for it so to see it succeed with its grassroots movement makes me happy.

It also inspires me. I’ve still got a few ideas that I’ve been sitting on and need to get out to the masses. Knowing that a great idea can still become popular, not only amongst users but also investors, is the fire I need to get my ideas out of my brain and into the internet cloud.