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Green Is Trendy – And I Like It

I’ve been interested in the environment for years. I’m not a hippie or anything like that…just a regular guy that enjoys spending time outdoors and is concerned about the rapid pace of destruction we’re inflicting on our environment. It’s been interesting to note over the past few years as how “being green” has entered the mainstream and it’s actually trendy to be green now.

Last night I was finishing up a conference call and a friend/fellow designer told me about some event he just found out about and that it was highly suggested we attend and rub elbows with some of the tech guys there. I changed into something a bit more presentable than my shorts and t-shirt and put on some designerish jeans, dress shoes and a nicer shirt figuring it would fit the look of this techish thing we were going to (we of course were to represent the mix of tech and design).

Getting to the event however showed we were vastly underdressed (or perhaps trendy in our “we don’t care” attitude?) as we stepped up to the doorman along the velvet ropes and he asked us who we were with. We told him, he opened the door and told the people inside who we were with and we were allowed inside. Ah, not so fast. Next we were having our picture taken in front of some backdrop by the photographer, they passed on who we were with again, and we entered the restaurant (Dolce…if I had time to do my homework and find out where it was beforehand I might have dressed differently). Yup…we were the only ones not in slacks. Cocktail dresses and sport coats abound. Of course, not stuffy at all, just supremely trendy with the shirts buttoned down, the DJ spinning live music, the Absolut women selling “Absolut Global Cooling” and such.

We met with our group, introductions were made and we chatted with the peeps. There were a few speakers…I honestly don’t remember what the first guy talked about, the 2nd was a woman from GA Power who pretty much had the message that we should buy power (duh…not like we really have a choice) but the third was a lady from Smart Car. This is the one that caught my attention because I remembered hearing about the Smart Car way back in ’99 and wondered why we didn’t have that car here in the States. Oh yeah…because it’s trendy to drive your Hummer around or your Ticonderoga Class SUV from hell. But now the pendulum is swinging the other way. The Smart dealership is in the rich, trendy part of town and I’ve actually seen a number of them driving around. The lady was talking about things that I forgot about but was very glad she brought them up again to educate the masses. It’s not just a car that has great fuel efficiency but it’s also build from mostly recycled materials, the paint job is from a powder coating process that also reclaims 98% of the paint…good stuff.

After the presenters were done we talked to a few more CEOs, a few more financers, and made our way out.

It was certainly an interesting event. Green has gone from being a bunch of hippies voicing concerns on non-caring ears to a trendy thing. Events are filled with people that want to be seen, it’s a dress-to-impress event where you rub elbows and show everyone how much you care.

You know what though? I’m fine with that. Very fine. I saw more money (both in the clothes that were worn and in the coffers of the finance companies that were represented) in that single event than I have in all the other events I’ve been to combined. If it takes being trendy to get the word out that something needs to be done, hell yeah, let’s do it. I don’t care if you’re doing your part to save the planet only for selfish reasons and to be noticed…at least you’re doing something. However, I also know that events like this will raise awareness, take away some of the stigmas associated with the green movement, and this will all gain momentum. Business and technology will mesh as we all try to find new solutions to slow down the damage we are doing and even improve upon the current situation.

I liked what I saw last night. I plan on going to more of these events to throw my own little flavor into the mix, to bridge as many gaps as possible, and see what can come of this newfound trend.

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  1. Hmmm…. Not so sure I agree dude.

    First: There is a trend nowadays, for corporations and companies of all sizes to “cash in” on the new green look and feel. / Green is the new black! / The vast majority of these folks haven’t the foggiest idea of what they’re talking about. Chevy recently fired off a gushing press release that claimed the new Tahoe SUV was “Green Car of the Year”. I think it’s great if these companies are doing real work towards sustainable technologies and environmental policies, but when we’re calling cars and vodka “green”, we run the risk of diluting the environmental concept and making it seem like “just another fad”.

    Second: There’s a stigma associated with the environmental movement? That, if true, needs to change in the next f$%ckin nanosecond or we’re all doomed.