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Dreams, Goals, and Survival

First, let me apologize for my long absense. A bit over a month ago I was told the project I was working on (the one that actually pays the bills) was coming to an end. This sent me into a tizzy and I’ve been scrambling to find a new gig so that I may continue to pay those pesky bills on a timely basis. I haven’t found a true replacement per se, but have seen many interesting developments in the past month. Needless to say, my brain has been quite busy as well as my time being consumed with the job search.

So why do I bring up dreams, goals, and survival? Well, mainly because that’s what is on my mind right now. I believe in pursuing your passions. This is a goal of mine. To some it is a dream. I however tend to look at things I’d like to do as a goal, not a dream. A dream seems intangible, like something that happens in your sleep but then you wake and reality hits. However, a goal is something attainable. The same end result can be a dream to one person and a goal to another. It all depends on their views on life, their outlook, and belief in their abilities. If you truly believe in yourself, what is a dream to someone else can be your goal to achieve.

As I continue my search, I find myself in survival mode. The basic elements of survival are food and shelter. We differ from our caveman ancestors in the sense we don’t have to hunt for food and find a cave to sleep in when it rains, but we still have to find ways to obtain food and shelter. A job does this…it provides the money (duh) for your groceries and to pay your rent or mortgage. Someone asked me if I’m still pursuing my passions, looking for that thing that makes me happy on a daily basis. I said I had to put that on hold as I needed to satisfy my basic needs for survival. This concept seemed to slip past them as they know I am a big believer in following one’s passions. However, fulfilling basic needs makes it much easier to keep the mind free to pursue those passions correctly.

Where does this all lead? It means we must take care of ourselves first. But once those basic needs are met, switch your brain from survival mode and move to happy mode…which is hopefully pursuing passions that truly make you happy. I still have my goals. I know where I want to go. At times I get bogged down with the mundane aspects of survival but I know once I’m able to take care of my basic needs I will once again be on the road to living a life that some see as a dream. If you’ve got those needs taken care of, do what you must to find true happiness. If you’re bogged down with the stresses of life, keep that chin up and know that you can overcome and once again go for what you want.