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Annoying Commercials – Are We That Dumb?


There are two commercials making radio rotations right now that are annoying the living crap out of me.

First…Corona Light. Real surfers DO NOT talk like that. Every time I hear that commercial I want to kick my radio as hard as I possibly can. Fack…even when we’d be goofing off and laying on the stereotypical surfer speak on pretty thick, it was still only 40% as cheesy bad as that stupid commercial. I can’t believe a commercial makes my blood boil as much as that one.

Next is some commercial about some dude trucking sea otters across the country. And you hear SEA LIONS in the background. Yet he keeps referring to the noises the sea otters are making.

These two stupid annoying commercials annoy me for two reasons. First, we are so dumb as a society that we are hiring complete idiots to go ahead and create this for nationwide distribution. If that’s not the case and they’re catering to the general population and they think we’re this dumb…ugh…saddening.