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Self Manifestation, Negativity, and the Power Drain That Ensues

A couple weeks ago I got into a discussion with someone about self-fulfilling prophesies and the manifestation of our thoughts. We both agreed that we generally manifest what we want and believe. We did go back and forth a bit about manifesting what we truly want in life however. I argued the point that miserable people don’t want to be happy but they have this perverse thought that the world is out to get them, thus the bad life they envision becomes a reality. Why would anyone want to be miserable? My debate partner however continued to say that it’s the life they want and the life they choose. This one is still up for debate in my head.

I do however believe that what you believe will eventually become reality. If you truly believe life is good, your life will be good. If you believe you have many good friends, you will have a number of people that you can call true friends. On the flip side, if you believe you are bad at remembering things, you will become forgetful. If you think only bad things happen to you, well guess what…it’s going to be true.

Early in my dating times I dated someone who believed the world was out to get them. This was a new way of thinking for me. I saw that this tended to be true for her. Life was rough during those times and it wasn’t until I was not with her anymore and getting back to my normal ways of thinking positive did I see that this self-fulfilling prophecy thing was something to pay attention to.

Fast forward to today. I continue to have an amazing circle of truly gifted and wonderful friends. I know I make good friends and it continues along that path as I meet more and more remarkable people that I am honored to call my friends. However, I also became entangled with a truly negative person and have had to be around this person on a daily basis. I’ve noticed my energy levels drain whenever this person is around. I watch them complain about just how bad life is. I watch them complain about how they have no friends. I’ve tried to introduce them to good people and have offered to this person to join me out and about to enjoy what the town has to offer. I’m always greeted with negativity. Just recently it all came to a head and this person’s true colors came out. Nasty bitterness spewing forth. Irrational accusations, mean spirited remarks, and very uncool things to do to people have all come from this person. I’ve remained calm and tried to keep the situation calm but this person has become so amazingly irrational that legal action may have to be taken.

As I lay in bed this morning I thought of the legal letter I would draft, offering a few options out of the current situation. My body felt drained as I pondered all this. Once it was time to start work I wondered if it was really worth my trouble to use my energies on such a negative situation. Clearly this person will continue down a path of negativity…why should I get swallowed up in this negative world and let it affect me too? I’ve noticed over the years that my body has become amazingly sensitive to the energy of the people around me. I feel so alive when I am around my friends or other people that are good at heart. I feel drained, exhausted, uninspired when I’m around negative people. I feel so drained in fact that it feels as if I’m coming down with a cold.

Perhaps people DO choose to be miserable. I’m not sure if it’s that they enjoy the pain to feel alive, if they enjoy the pity from others that go “oh that’s such a shame that happened to you”, or if they just don’t know what true happiness is and thus go for what is comfortable to them…which is their current miserable existence. It’s a shame to see but I can’t continue to have my energy sucked dry to try to help those that don’t want to be helped. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt but at some point I have to let them go before they poison my very existence.

I enjoy my life. I’m a stressball now because of a few things but I just need to snap out of it and look at all the good that I have. I certainly don’t want to slide down that slippery slope of negativity and become one of the people that are unable to obtain happiness. Life is good if you want it to be. It really is. You just gotta believe…