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Set Goals To Make Today’s Craziness Bearable

I know…I know…it’s been far too long since I last wrote something deep and inspirational. Do I have a good reason? I of course like to think I do…but don’t we all think we have good reasons for doing things? The truth of it all is I’ve simply been worn out with the new gig I’m doing and it leaves me either scrambling to get things done after hours or I’m passed out and drooling all over.

So what gives? Lots. Life is busy for us all. Especially now as this economic crisis looms above all our heads. It’s one of the reasons I’m working so hard right now…I gotta make sure I prove my worth with everyone so I’m seen as a good resource to have on hand. It’s also my ticket back to Santa Cruz and that’s where I truly shine. You think I’m upbeat and positive about life now? Oh you just wait…

That does make me think of something though. Yes, I’m tired and worn out. But if I stop looking at the crap that’s going on here and now and look ahead at what is to come, I smile and then I keep going. It’s akin to running a race. You’re running, running, running. You’re tired. You may even have a shin splint or a stitch in your side. But look! Up ahead…there it is. You see the race the finish. Suddenly you have that extra oomph and you’re able to eek out a few hundred (or thousand) more steps and make it to the finish. As you walk around, panting, dripping sweat, looking for the nearest water bottle or free banana you realize you don’t really hurt anymore. You made it.

Life can be like this. Too often we get caught up in the here and now. We all do. Hell, I do…hence the long absence in writing. But if you can manage to put that goal ahead of you…maybe two or three months down the road then suddenly you find yourself with that extra reserve of energy to keep on pushing through.

I must also give credit to friends and family that are there to support us through thick and thin. A source of inspiration, a source of joy when we succeed and a source of consoling when we’re worn out. Never forget the people in your life.

Speaking of friends and inspiration, we should all thank Stu for sending that business idea in a text message to me tonight. Without that message (and subsequent URL purchase and then call to him) we wouldn’t be reading this post right now. Yeah Stu!

Alas…it is late and there is more work that must be done tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day closer to my already defined goals. Let tomorrow be a step closer to yours.