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Keeping Up With Friends and Family

Those of you that know me and those of you that have read enough of my ramblings should know by now the importance I place on building solid relationships. I take pride to this day in the relationships that I’ve built with friends and family. To me, building a solid relationship is much more than simply having someone to call on when I want to grab a drink or go see a movie with. When I build a relationship I build it with the intent of giving my all if they need something and I expect the same in return. Thus…I tend to be a bit picky when it comes to determining who shall reside in my circle.

One may think that by being so picky, I’m limiting myself. Oddly enough, I feel as if I probably have more people I can count on than most people. It comes with an inherent trust of who I’m with and who my friends choose to be with. It’s much easier to build these solid relationships when the trust is already there.

This rambling all comes about as a friend up at Carnegie Mellon shot me a quick IM and we started chatting while I was working the graveyard shift. I continue to go back to CMU every year to meet up with old friends and try to make new friends with the undergrads. This has turned out quite well for me as I have quite an amazing array of friends from various backgrounds, ages, disciplines, interests, and so forth. I was happy as hell to hear that the guys up there respect me for what I do and love having my visits. It’s much more than getting together to drink as many people could easily assume. It’s about learning what they have to offer and sharing what I know.

So what came out of our late night chat session? We got to catch up, a bunch of friends will hopefully be making their way down to visit in Atlanta sometime, I’ll be getting a good branding kit for my new company while being able to help show off his work…not bad for a random hi. This all came about because we were able to build a relationship of trust and respect no matter what the circumstances are (we met and get together at Carnival…if you know what I’m talking about then you’ll know what I mean about the circumstances).

Here’s to building great relationships. It keeps us sane when things are crazy (shall I bother complaining about the economy anymore?), it makes life better when things are good. It presents us all with opportunities in life, love, business…well hell it just presents us with a load of opportunities…opportunities we may not have otherwise. Let’s remember that quote…”no man is an island”. ‘Tis true. As independent as many of us are, having a solid group of friends and family certainly makes life much more enjoyable. Cheers!