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Stay True To Yourself

As we go through life we’re inevitably forced to wear many masks. We have our home life, our work life, our active life, our mellow life…the options can be limitless. Sometimes we change our persona because we have to, sometimes we do it out of choice. However, as each day passes, as we live our life, we must remember to remain true to who we really are. Our best friends and family love us for who we are…these are the people that see us for who we truly are. When we surround ourselves with people that are similar to our best friends and family, life can only improve…so let’s do it.

The story in my own life that I have to relate to this has been rather exciting. It actually happened a few days ago and has had me flying high since then. I decided to wait a few days so I didn’t sound like a blabbering fool. *grin*

The story starts over a month ago when I get an email from someone that used to work at the same company I did many years ago. He knew I had done web work (hell, I was a web developer at this company…of course he knew) and said he had a friend with a chain of stores here in Atlanta that needed some work. Eventually I got in touch with said character and things went off rather quickly. The first task was to “save” his website from an unscrupulous web guy who simply vanished and therefore had kidnapped the site in a sense. It was my job to save that and set up a safe hosting scenario…then later on we’d work on redesigning the site. Simple enough, yah?

Yes, I do web work. I have for years. I’ve also done support. Help Desk. Accounting. Marketing. Sales. Roasted coffee. Painted houses. Just because I do web work now on the side does not mean that’s who I am. So when I started giving my client advice on this and that on how we could improve the business with his site, I was pleasantly surprised to have him be receptive to my ideas. As our working relationship got better, he seemed really interested in what I had to say and this in turn got me more excited to get back to my roots as an entrepreneur.

Needless to say our first meeting went phenomenal. Crazy good. Spectacular. I was gushing as I called one of my good friends and old business partners on the way home from the meeting. Because I remained true to myself and expressed my true being, I am now in a position to continue working on projects that not only inspire me but that could lead to many greater opportunities in life. Opportunities that allow me to actually get paid for doing what I enjoy doing. Getting me closer to that “perfect job” that many people dream of when someone asks them what their perfect job is. I’m a step closer…and I’m excited. Stay tuned…for I know there will be many updates on this front. This client has already become a friend, the business models rock, and the pieces of the puzzle are finally falling into place.

So…that’s my story (my current one…I’ve got many others that emphasize the same point but just from a different angle) as to why you need to stay true to yourself. If you stick with it long enough, your true talents will be discovered and then it just snowballs from there.

Keep on keepin’ on!!!