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Giving Thanks

Hello to all my readers. It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. and many of us have the day off. This message goes out to all of my readers worldwide however. Let us all take a moment to give thanks to the good things we have in life. It’s easy to dwell on the not-so-swell things in life but let us focus on the good. Many of my readers probably assume I live a happy dandy life with no troubles whatsoever. Sheeeeit…that’s not the case. I, like most others have things to deal with too. A job I absolutely loathe, a knee that is still giving me problems (and keeps me from playing soccer and running), more debt than I’d like to be carrying, and so forth. But if I were to list all the grievances and then list all the good things in life, my Good Things list would be MUCH longer. I’m fairly certain this will be the same with all of you.

So…from me to you…I give thanks. I give thanks to a loyal group of readers that is steadily increasing in numbers, I give thanks to an amazing group of friends and a good family, to my health, and to the knowledge that we can all live that good life that we want to live. I would love to dedicate this message of thanks to some key people in life that have been there through thick and thin but I don’t think I have the space here. Guess I’ll just have to call, email, or text them all and let them know how important they are to me. I urge you to do the same.