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Stress, Smiles, and Life

Hello my fellow travelers through life,

I once again apologize for the long time since my last post. I’ve been crazy swamped with work. Who knew a guy without a full-time job could be so busy? I guess it has something to do with creating another start-up AND working on another grand venture.

Life is good as long as we all keep the right frame of mind. Sometimes you find those grand people in life that truly enjoy life for what it is and you gotta stick with that. Go with your gut…trust your intuitions. If someone gives you a good feeling, go with it. I’ve been fortunate to come across a few people like that in the past few months. Perhaps “fortunate” isn’t the correct word. I’m sure by maintaining my rather positive outlook on life I’m drawing these people to me. Hey…works for me!

Here I am, writing away because I’ve been filled with such a sense of warmth and happiness. Judging by how my day started, I should be absolutely miserable right now. I barely slept at all last night…my back was in such intense pain that I could not find one comfortable position to lay in and it literally hurt to breathe. Oops…I guess I let the stress get to me just a wee-bit too much. I managed a couple hours of sleep before waking up and having to tackle another laundry list of things to do. Yet…after a debilitating back pain and lack of sleep, I’m giddy after seeing a few bits of news that just put a smile on my face in both my personal and professional life.

Most of my time lately has been spent working with Jake’s Ice Cream here in Atlanta. Jake’s has had a bit of a cult following here in Atlanta but recently has been seeing a bit of national press…most notably from the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Aside from having cool products, the people in this organization are truly wonderful and I love burning the midnight oil doing what I can to help not only the ice cream venture go but also a myriad of other products (good…freakin’…googly…this hot chocolate they’ve got…ohhhhhh…so good. And all natural!) going. Stressful at times? Duh! Worth the stress? Definitely.

After that I was going through sending an email out to my soccer team (ah the joys of being captain) informing them of our schedule and other administrivia. Soccer always makes me smile…even when we lose. Mmmmm…soccer…

As I’m doing all this I get an email from an old friend in college. Carnegie Mellon may have added a few grays to my head and emptied my wallet but it was worth it all. I still have such an amazing group of friends that I talk to and see on a consistent basis. Today’s tidbit was about a friend who just had twins. After a brief update I was already grinning ear-to-ear about seeing a good friend so happy and healthy.

Back pain?
I could not lay still last night. Gritting my teeth. Breathing in short gasps. Absolutely miserable.
And here I am, happy, smiling, a small twinge of pain reminding me of last night but a heart and head full of happy stuff.

Having a bad morning? Don’t bitch about it! Seek someone or something that makes you smile. You really can turn your day around and have a good one.

Here’s to our health and happiness!