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Times Are Rough But We Need to Keep Pursuing Our Passions

We’re hearing about layoffs left and right and it’s scary. No need to fret though…we should shake it off and continue to pursue our passions.

Funny…I just posted a similar article to Chia Town. That one was of course more business oriented but the message remains the same…don’t get down in the dumps because of this economy. Instead, use this as a time to pursue your passions. I’m not going to sit here and say things are all fine and dandy. I don’t lead a charmed or sheltered life and am not preaching from some safe environment. In fact…truth be told I got a bit of a shocker just yesterday. There I was happily working away at my new job, learning new stuff and preparing for three more weeks of training in Dallas. I got on a conference call with my team and a few higher-ups within the company and heard that they’re discontinuing our training program. Huh? That’s right…no more job for me!

So…yes, I’ve been nailed by this economy too. I’m in the same boat that countless thousands are in too. I’m feeling the pain myself. Am I sure how I’m going to pay all my bills just yet? Not a clue. However, I’m not going to sit here and fret about it. Why burn all that energy focusing on the negative? I’ll get nowhere except more frustrated and in a pissy mood. Instead I shall focus on finding new opportunities. These opportunities that I will focus on will be more aligned with my passions in life anyway. On both a professional and personal level, I shall find something that suits me and makes me a happy man as I continue through this thing called life.

Interestingly enough, I can’t help but wonder just how much of “The Secret” came into play here. Consciously or not I was certainly putting certain vibes out into the universe. My girlfriend mentioned how she kept saying “I don’t want you to go away” and I’d be replying with “I don’t want to leave you either”. When telling my mother of my demise she also said something to the effect of “well it sounds like it’s working out for you anyway…you didn’t really want to do that much traveling”. It’s true…I kept thinking about all the traveling I had to do but didn’t want to do. So there I was throwing it all out there…looks like it stuck. Now I have to put out all the good vibes of getting into something I am truly passionate about and something that will not only enrich my life but the lives of many.

I’m hoping there will be great news to report next week. I’ve continued working with Jake’s Ice Cream and am enjoying the philosophy of the company and the owner. It’s an opportunity that makes me smile every time I think about it. I’ve watched other people lose their jobs and instead of complaining how pitiful life was they went out and took charge and started their own companies. Good for them…keep pursuing your passions.

So now…do me a favor. Read this over again but this time thinking about what your passions are in life. Travel? More time with family? A particular type of job? Gardening? Cooking? Whatever it is, do it. Stop focusing on the negative and immerse yourself in something you are passionate about. The passion will continue to grow, your happiness will grow exponentially and you can be your own island of happiness amongst a sea of unhappy stressed out people. Soon other passionate, happy people will be attracted to your passion for life and before you know it you’ve got a giant circle of happy, caring, passionate people surrounding you in life and business.