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REVIEW – Irwin Street Market (Atlanta)

Hola fellow readers,

It is now time for my very first review for the “Reviews” section of Wax Porhetoric. I’ve had many things that have been on my list to review but they have always fell by the wayside as I rambled on about other things in life. Alas…there’s one thing I’ve found here in Atlanta that is just so darn cool that I have to put it out there.

There’s a groovy little place called Irwin Street Market in Atlanta (a part of town called Old Fourth Ward…just a stone’s throw from the more popular Little Five Points). First…my disclaimer…I’ve been working with some of the folks at Irwin Street Market for a couple months now. I’m so glad I did however as I feel that I’ve discovered a great Atlanta gem. When I first started heading in there I thought it was just a little marketplace with a few vendors, the ice cream shop (Jake’s Ice Cream yummmmmm) and a couple couches. As I’ve been spending more time there…well…my thoughts on it have changed immensely.

Yes, ISM (as we like to call it) is a place where you’ll find some vendors (Jake’s Ice Cream rocks, MOCHA has some amazing cupcakes and such, Flower Bar has beautiful flowers, Delicia’s English Toffee is amazing…) but it’s the vibe that I’m in love with. All of the vendors seem to have the same views on life and how it should be lived…thus there’s a great atmosphere right when you walk in. It’s a mellow place with a loving atmosphere. The couches are actually meant to be lounged on (rather than the “you can sit here but we’ll give you the evil eye if you don’t leave soon” vibe you get from some places) and the wifi is free. I’ve found myself wanting to go there just to hang out now…I find it very soothing. The fact I can get some yummy ice cream or a great sandwich is a yummy bonus for my belly.

For those of you in Atlanta who haven’t been to Irwin Street Market, I invite you to discover this hidden oasis when you’ve got time. It’s an experience best enjoyed when you don’t have to rush in and out. And by all means meet the vendors…they’re friendly folk.