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Keeping the Faith

In good times and bad, we’ve got to keep the faith. Often that is easier said than done, especially in the bad times, but it’s true.

Hello again my fellow wanderers through life. It’s time for us to yet again slow down, take a breath, and recollect ourselves. Times are a bit rough out there (still no full-time job for me…bleh!) but we can’t give up. I often find myself not watching the news as they tend to sensationalize the drama and suckiness of it all. If we keep watching bad news, hearing horror stories, telling other about how miserable things are then we’ll just end up creating our own miserable world. Let me tell ya…it’s damn hard to write an upbeat cover letter or be positive in an interview when you’re down in the dumps. It’s hard to keep a good family life at home if you’re always pissy. I’m not saying you need to stick your head in the sand and be naive to what is going on…it’s ok to be aware of the situation out there but let’s try not to dwell on the crappiness of it all.

So…back to the point…we’ve gotta keep the faith. If you’re a church-goer, keep your faith in God. Believe that your god is watching over you and is doing what needs to be done. If you’re one who believes in other higher powers, you must believe that you are here for a reason. Oftentimes we don’t know what our purpose is as we go through life but we can sometimes look back and have that “ah ha” moment and see it all so clearly. If you’re simply a positive person with a hodge-podge of beliefs, you can still believe in the fact that life will get better if you continue to fight the good fight, to continue to do good in this world.

I once read somewhere of a study amongst sick people where there was a group that prayed and a group that didn’t pray. It seemed to be that the group that prayed healed more quickly than the group that didn’t. No matter what your belief, this can hold true for many reasons. The religious folk can say “God is looking after us and answered our prayers”. The non-religious folk can say it’s all because of positive thought and positive energy and the collective positive energy of the group helped the healing process.

Keep the faith. No matter what your beliefs are, keeping the faith and moving forward will do much better than thinking negatively and digging yourself into a hole. Good things come to those that believe…and that I truly believe.