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Set The Tone For Your Day With A Smile

Welcome back fellow readers and lovers of life. Today we talk about getting your day started right and enjoying a good day as a result of that.

Have you ever noticed your good days seem to be entirely good? “Oh my…I just had a great day. It started off right and everything just fell into place.” Awesome…awesome. Conversely, have you noticed your bad days seem to be entirely sucky? “Geeze, my entire day sucked. I’m so glad it’s over.” It’s not a coincidence ya know…

There are a few things to keep in mind as we go through life. First, we really can control how life treats us. We’re not really “letting life happen” but we’re inviting either the good or bad into our life. Second, we are not singular beings in this universe. We affect others that we are in contact with and we affect the energy that surrounds us (thus, we in turn affect what we attract). There are other things to keep in mind but we’ll start with these two as we continue on with our topic.

Now, let’s go back to our morning. We can choose to wake up with a smile, say it will be a great day, do something that makes us happy and smile (read a comic, go for a run, whatever makes you happy) and go on with your day. You’ll get to work with a big smile and positive energy around you. This positive attitude can be very infectious and you will enjoy good laughs with others that are having a good morning. This collective happy energy can then rub off on those poor souls that had a less-than-stellar morning and soon they too will forget about spilling their coffee first thing in the morning and will be joking right along with you. You’ll power on through work with a smile, happy to be cranking through it. Funny…your work seems to be so much easier today. You’re also feeling so much more creative and productive. The workday ends and you’re feeling great. You go home with a great feeling of accomplishment and bring home more positive energy. See what I’m getting at here? It’s all connected…and it all started with a good happy note in the morning.

We won’t dwell on the negative but you can imagine the opposite is true. Wake up, spill something and let it affect your mindset rather than chalking it up to an inconvenience to move past, drive to work and get increasingly more annoyed as you deal with idiots driving on the road, get to work with a scowl on your face and people will approach you differently. Your work frustrates you…blah blah blah, it just keeps on snowballing into a nasty day.

So what’s the moral of the story boys and girls? Start your day off with a smile! Go somewhere that makes you happy, do something that makes you happy. BE happy. Let this happiness carry you throughout your day, lifting your spirits, bringing more good stuff to your day and before you know it you’ll be having day after day, week after week of a happy productive life and “forget” how to be cranky.

(Interestingly enough we can apply this to any part of the day. Go to bed with a smile on your face, you’ll have a great sleep, and wake up feeling wonderful. Or start at lunch if you feel yourself going down the cranky road. We’ll start with our morning routine for now…baby steps…)