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Are You Still Putting It Out There?

Hello and happy day to you fellow Wax Porhetoricers (I’m going to keep making up words here and there…some have already taken hold over the years…rock on, rock on…). I apologize for my absence lately. A few things have come up, one of which will spawn another posting once I’m ready. Until then, we can revisit the notion of “putting it out there”…of thinking about the positive and what you want in life and letting the universe know what it is so that you may achieve it.

To longtime Wax Porhetoric readers this may sound familiar. This may also sound familiar to those that have been exposed to “the Secret”. According to “the Secret”, if we think about what we want, if we envision what we want, focus on it for long enough then the universe will deliver this to us. It says we should build a vision board, something we can put pictures of our desires (the beach house, a car, a better job, a group of loving friends and family, etc) to aid in our daily affirmations and eventually they will come true.

I am also a firm believer of self-manifestations. If we believe life sucks, we’ll probably stay in that rut. However if we believe we have a great life, great friends, great family then yes, we will continue to have a great life no matter what little hiccups happen here and there.

So…take this mix of the self-manifestations and the teachings of “the Secret” and we’ve got a great recipe for success. Now the question is…are you still putting it out there? I will admit that every now and then I must remind myself to do this. Sometimes Wax Porhetoric is a way for me to help the world and sometimes it serves as a reminded to myself that I need to continue to practice what I preach.

Stop reading about all the doom and gloom of the economy. Stop watching all the pathetic news on TV. If you continue to take in so many negative views then it’s only natural that you dwell on the negativity. Yuck! No more! Let this be the reminder that we need to keep putting it out there. Think about the good things you have and smile. Think about the things you want and envision it. Talk it out with someone to help make it more concrete. Write it all down to help focus those desires. Build that vision board. Do what it takes to get that message out so that you can get it. (there’s one caveat…make sure you put a positive spin on it. Rather than saying “I want to be out of debt” and having the word “debt” be put out there as a desire, try something like “I want my financial freedom”).

That’s all for today folks. We’ve all got a lot going on in life and in our heads. Let’s take a break, regroup, think about what we want and put it out there. It can’t hurt, right? Go for it and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results. While we’re at it, I’ll just put it out there that I need a new MacBook Pro. If anyone would like to donate to the cause, I’m 100% receptive to such.

Have a great weekend Wax Porhetoricers!