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What Is Your Purpose

Have you ever stopped to think about what your purpose in life is? Stop thinking about the rat race that we are all in and think about why we are here? I’ve been pondering such lately. It seems as if the whole world has gone bonkers and has gotten caught up in a material life. I’m fairly certain that it is this life that we are all falling into that is the cause of why we are where we are. The greed of many has put the economic system in turmoil. Our lust for worldly possessions has us living lives that aren’t true to who we are. Instead of living a pure life, a life that is meant for us, we live a life that is shallow and focused on achieving the small empty material goals in life.

I believe we all  have a purpose in life. We all have a place in this world, a place in this universe. Some are meant to be teachers. Some are meant to be healers. Others are meant to lead while some are meant to provide.

I think it’s been hard for many people in today’s world to realize what each of our individual purposes are because we get caught up in this hectic life. We’ve got so many things going on at once that it’s hard to focus on ourselves. Only when we know who we truly are, know what our individual strengths and weaknesses are, to be in tune with our our mind, body and spirit react to different stimuli from other people and environmental conditions will we truly understand why we are here.

We all need to take a break from this craziness. Let’s all try to simplify life. When we can slow things down enough we can then focus on ourselves. We then need to look deep into who we are…who we truly are, and begin to live the life we were meant to live.

Let us all try to do that this week and see how we can help ourselves and help others.

Have a great, happy and healthy week everyone.