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Keeping Yourself Sane and Motivated

Hello fellow Wax Porhetoric faithful,

I apologize for the lapse in postings. I, like many others out there, am dealing with the nuttiness that life hands us. Sometimes I’m just too tired, other times too busy, and sadly sometimes my brain is too frazzled to contribute. Alas, this posting is a great reminder not only to myself but to others that are in the same situation. What pray tell may I be rambling on about?

Keeping yourself sane and motivated.

As I started earlier, I’ve been busy looking for full time work, busy working on some side projects (hoping something will stick), dealing with life here and stresses there. This economy has everyone on edge and rightfully so. Money issues can introduce a whole myriad of problems to almost every aspect of one’s life. It challenges their belief, it changes their lifestyle, it puts stress on personal and professional relationships and it can be downright draining. Despite all this we must remember to do things that keep us sane…to find things that keep us motivated so we can continue to move forward in life. It’s pretty tough to smile at your mate or write an effective cover letter when you’re stressed, right? So let’s find things to keep the stresses in check and fill ourselves with motivation and happiness.

What can we do? The best thing is to immerse yourself in one of your passions. If you write, set some time aside to write. It could be as simple as taking a walk through the park. I can’t tell you how many times a quick walk cleared my head and had me chugging and plugging through work with renewed energy. Finding something that works all sides of you…body, mind, soul…will charge your batteries faster and keep them charged longer than other things that satisfy only one need. For example, I find a yearly snowboarding trip is a great way to get me back on track. The physicality of it keeps the body charged (even when I’m beating myself up all over the mountain), the mind is cleared of all the nagging from my normal daily life and my soul feels completely at ease as I coexist with all that nature has to offer. After a few months of being laid off from one position and working on all these other things, a quick trip to the mountains made everything right in my world and I once again feel ready to live life the way it should be.

Not only does a great activity keep all three (body, mind, soul) active and renewed, it also helps put life back into perspective. As you find yourself smiling again, thinking about how good life really is, you’ll find things starting to get back into place. Your positive attitude will shine through. This attitude will be evident to those that you come into contact with and your positive energy will be thrown out for the universe to take notice of. When all this happens it’s only a matter of time before more goodness enters your life. Not only that, when you help yourself you’ll find it easier to help take care of others. This will be a great spiral of goodwill giving around and around…once again more good things shall enter your life.

I’ve done my part. I threw myself at nature and enjoyed what she had to offer. I cleared my head, cleansed my soul and am now ready to get that thing that we all desire in life…a happy, fulfilling life filled with passion and love.

Your job now is to finish reading this, send it to a few people that are important to you and then write down a few things that you think would help take care of your body, mind and soul. Put down a few items that are quick and easy (the walk in the park) and some that are bigger (a snowboarding trip, a trip to a secluded beach, a cabin getaway, whatever you can think of) and then start planning.

Get to it!