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Does Geographical Location Play a Role In Your Happiness?

So there I was, staring at my vision board and I realized most of the things on there involved either a geographical location or events that depend on geographical locations and it made me wonder how big a role geography plays in our happiness.

Let us ponder for a moment. First, how happy are you right now? Now ponder, when are you happiest? Is it when you are away from home on vacation or is it when you are at home doing things around the house or with your friends? Are you happy and content where you are or do you constantly look forward to your next vacation? If you DO look forward to your next vacation, why is that? Is it to get away from where you are or is it to enjoy a change of scenery?

I’ll give you some insights as to what is on my current board. A picture of the beach (love my beaches! The smell, the sounds…ahhhh…), a picture of someone snowboarding on fresh powder (so refreshing!), a picture of a mountain biker doing an epic drop (rock on!), a picture of downtown Santa Cruz (mmmm…home), a picture of a couple road bikers enjoying a ride along Highway One along the California coast and a picture of a lighthouse and surrounding water in Santa Cruz. The other three items are a Palm Pre, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro.

Hm…interesting. Obviously there’s no beach in Atlanta so I’ve gotta drive to one. Snowboarding? Gotta hop on a plane and fly somewhere to get something good in. Mountain biking…gotta drive an hour or so to get something in the sticks and in the hills but a far cry from the epic rides in California, Vancouver, Colorado, Utah, etc. Road biking along the coast? Duh…

I’ve pondered this question before. Sometimes while in a relationship (love conquers all so geography shouldn’t matter) and sometimes while just pondering life. Honestly I’ve flip-flopped many times on it. I truly believe it depends on the type of person you are and what is important to you. I’m curious to know how it affects others though, if it’s as big of a deal to others as it is to me or if it’s less of an issue than it is to me.

Proponents for geography mattering will say “well duh, of course it does. If you want to be outside enjoying the fresh air and outdoor activities, living in a city and suffering gridlock every day will subject you to a slow painful death”.

Proponents against will say “you can be happy wherever you are. You simply have to accept where you are, enjoy what life is handing you and make the most of it”.

I’ve done both.
Where are you with your thoughts? Are you constant with your thoughts or do you flip-flop like I do?

I shall sit. I shall ponder. I shall hopefully read views from others and digest it all.

Here’s to a happy fulfilling life to you all! Treat your body right. Feed your soul. Enjoy life and give love to others. And…as always…here’s to following our passions and living life to the fullest.