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Give Me a Mac: A New Way To Help People

A new website was launched yesterday. Give Me a Mac (www.GiveMeAMac.com) went up with the original intent of “I need a new computer. Let’s put it out there and see which generous person will help my cause so I may continue to develop new computer apps and get back into video work…one of my passions”. You’ve all seen the different accounts of someone putting something up on the net and getting it. This was working on the same premise.

Well, within two days of its inception, Give Me a Mac has morphed from an idea of simply getting a Mac or two so I can continue on with work to an idea of providing computers to those in need. I’ve wanted to set up a scholarship fund for years and this is one way that I can follow through on that. The computers can also be donated to children in need, job-searching adults, organizations that could use the equipment and other groups in need.

Having the focus of the venture change from that of getting a new computer for myself to that of helping others in need totally fired me up and I was able to crank that website from concept to launch within a day. It’s funny how the thought of helping others can motivate you and have you working working working until the project is done. I feel good! Now to see just how popular this will become. Granted, it JUST went up and if it is going to become a non-profit organization I will have A LOT of work to do. I think it will all be worth it though.

Go check out Give Me a Mac and donate to the cause if you can (right now I’m only looking for computers…not money). If you’ve got suggestions feel free to give them. We can change the world one Mac at a time.