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A Good Woman Is Holding My Attention

Hello my fellow Wax Porhetoric folks, lovers of life and pursuers of passion…

I apologize for the long drought of posts. A wonderful woman currently holds my attention. This woman being my mother, my best friend. She’s recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we’re doing what we can to keep things good with her so she can kick that thing to the curb.

My mother has been my best friend for a long time. I feel quite lucky to have such a wonderful woman as my best friend and have told her many times over the years that I think she did a great job raising me and that I feel very fortunate to have such a rockin’ mother.

A new site has been set up as a tribute to all the good mothers out there. “My Mom Is My Best Friend” (www.MyMomIsMyBestFriend.com) is where you can read about the woman who made me who I am and hopefully we will have submissions and stories of other great women out there who have had such a positive influence on the lives of people around them.

Peace, love, and health to you all out there!