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Calm Yourself

Staying calm is something that we should all strive for. Not only is it healthier for us (ie, keeps our blood pressure down, keeps the stress hormones down, etc) but it has many other benefits as well. Perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re able to think more clearly when you’re calm and mellow. Isn’t that reason enough right there to stay in a mellow state? It also makes life much more enjoyable. Just as a long commute home after work could really get you aggravated, try staying calm and accepting it for what it is. Getting annoyed isn’t going to get you home any sooner…rather it will only make the trip seem that much longer and it will certainly be less pleasant.

What are some things you can do to stay calm?

  • Breathe – It sounds simple, but simple breathing techniques can help. Slow down your breathing, take deeper breathes, and release it all
  • Loosen up – When getting frustrated, tense or stressed your muscles tend to tighten up. Hold your head up, roll your neck, loosen your shoulders…you’ll be fine
  • Smile – Another simple yet effective action. Just do it…you’ll be amazed at how effective it is
  • Think about something that makes you happy – Letting your mind, the thing that is stressed out, go to a “happy place” will help move the mind to a happy state. Think about a loved one, the beach, the mountains, a pet…whatever it is.
  • That’s a good start for all of us with our busy lives. These simple acts alone will get you through the stressful times during the day. For a more calming life we can employ other longer-lasting techniques such as meditation, a fitness program and a healthier diet that will all help keep our minds and bodies in a less-stressed state.

    Smile…enjoy the people around you and enjoy your weekend.