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Getting Back to the Passions

When is the last time you thought about your passions…the things that really drive you? You know, those things that make you smile no matter how much effort you have to put into it? If it’s been a while, take a quick break and think about it. After you’re done thinking about it, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

We all get busy. We all get bogged down now and then with work. With family duties. With whatever life has to throw at us at the time. Sickness. World economy. Daylight saving time (of course that really isn’t the case now with it being summer in North America). It happens.

I’ve recently been rejuvenated beyond belief and it feels good! Why is that? Two reasons really. Ok, maybe three. It started with a new company I’ve co-founded with someone that combines a few of my passions…running, writing, and creating. Sure I’ve been busting my ass for weeks on end working on the website after a full day of work (and a few hours each day in the car for the commute). Draining? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes. Creating something for a community (in this case, the running community) as well as creating a business drives me. I also love the fact I’ll be doing more writing (I mean come on, why else do I have half a dozen websites and blogs to keep up with?).

The other two are loosely related. I had a good friend come visit a couple weeks ago. A cycling buddy of mine who I’ve known since the early days of our time at Carnegie Mellon. We’ve done random visits to each other’s places over the years and it’s always a good time. Talking to him about business ideas, lifestyle ideas, etc is always invigorating. Number three is tied in with all this because he brought “4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss for me to read. Holy crap that’s a good book. It’s not for everyone…but I’m suspecting if you are a reader of WaxPorhetoric then it’s probably for you. I mean, only if you truly believe in wanting to live life to the fullest…crazy stuff like that. It is a timely read as I have been slowing down to reconsider my life, where I am, and where I’m going.

We all need little reminders here and there to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes the reminder can be your cat or dog wanting to play with you. Or perhaps it’s your kid wanting to be stuck to your side and spend time with you. Or maybe you read something that made you take pause. Whatever it is, don’t dismiss it. Slow down for a minute, think about your passions, and do what you can to follow them!