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Be Ready For Any Opportunity

Good morning fellow Wax Porhetoric folks, I hope August has treated you well and you’ve been able to enjoy life. Part of enjoying life is experiencing life to the fullest. To do that, one must be ready for any opportunity that may arise. Keep your eyes open and keep your life flexible and you’ll be able to live a grand life that makes you happy day in and day out.

That sounds fine and dandy, doesn’t it? Think you’re capable of doing it? Really…are you? Go to a social gathering (personal, professional, whatever) and meet an interesting person and suddenly you’ve got an amazing job offer, have met your future spouse, or made a best friend for life.

“That stuff only happens in the movies”you may be thinking. Well actually, no, no it doesn’t. It’s not only possible, but it’s much easier than you think. All you have to do is be in the mindset that good things happen every day and you simply have to be open to them. Take the blinders off, look around as you do your task and who knows what you will find.

Imagine this: You’re at work, doing the most boring of all research. It’s certainly not something that gets your blood flowing. We can approach this task in one of two ways:

  1. The yucky way – nose to the grindstone, you do your task very begrudgingly and you finish up after some time.
  2. The fun way – eyes and mind open to new opportunities. Hm, you were looking for replacement trash cans for the office and you suddenly find an entirely new way to sort trash and recyclables and think you can make a business out of it. Go for it!

Fine…maybe the thought of that doesn’t do squat for you. You’re more interested in meeting someone cool. Another example. Hmmm…let’s see. Grocery shopping. Blech! How can that be fun???

  1. The yucky way – Make a list, go to store, buy your stuff, go home.
  2. The fun way – Have a list (it’s always good to get everything you need) but then just go. You’re looking at rice and think “hm, I’d like to learn how to make some sort of curry dish. Or maybe make some burritos. Maybe stir fry?” and then start wandering the store thinking of what you’d like to learn. Smile and talk to people as you stroll around the store. There’s no telling who you’ll meet.

These are just two brief examples of how you can improve your life simply by getting past that “I must perform this task and that’s that” mentality and broadening your horizons to live life, enrich life, experience life. Being open to new opportunities can help with any aspect of life…life, love, business (you can read more business and entrepreneurial stuff on the sister site of ChiaTown.com) so get to it and start enriching.

You can do it…I know you can. Why? Because it really is just that easy.