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Eat For Your Body

Are you eating correctly for your body? Does this question make any sense to you?

Why do you eat? The answer most people give “because I’m hungry”. Makes sense to me! I mean, when we are hungry, our body tells us so and thus we try to do something about it. It’s all about self-preservation. Our body needs nutrients, it tells us to eat. Our body needs water, we get thirsty and it tells us to drink.

However, it’s the next step that is most important if we truly want to accomplish the goal of self-preservation. It’s WHAT we eat and WHAT we drink that matters.

Do you get hungry and reach for candy bar? Uh oh! Not really the best choice!
Do you get thirsty and reach for a soda? It’s NOT what your body is asking for!

Breaking down thirst and hunger into its most basic elements is an easy way to begin changing your habits from a bad eater to a good (or at least better) eater. Knowing that your body is craving water (I’ll spare you the enormous list of things the body does with water…just know that the body is 60% water for a reason…because we need it for just about everything that each cell in our body does) so giving it something else to satisfy its thirst is pretty much slapping your body in the face and saying you don’t care.

Food on the other hand is a much more complicated matter. We all know we need certain foods in order to survive. Foods that provide us with vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates are needed for us to function in a healthy way. There is considerable debate as to just what the correct percentage of each is, where each source of nutrition should be derived from (plant? animal?) and so forth. Instead of getting into a great debate as to which diet is best for you, let’s just break down our hunger into its most simple meaning (the body needs nutrients) and do something about it. Give it nutrients. Now feeding it a candy bar or half a bag of potato chips isn’t really giving your body nutrients, it’s just filling it with fats, sugars, and processed “stuff” that your body really doesn’t want. Sure it may put something in your stomach, but what your body really wants is to have some nutrition flowing through it.

Think about this for a while. Digest it (ha! C’mon…you know I had to) and let it all sink in. Hopefully after this simple post you will begin to shift your ways to healthier eating and notice just how much better you feel after your habits change.

I’ll do a post later on about some of the diets out there (when I say “diet” I don’t mean “lose 30 pounds by this weekend!!!” type stuff but rather the diet you live with every day, your entire eating habit) that are being touted as healthy ways to live and you can decide if you want to do further research. One thing is for sure…we are all individuals and what may work for one person may not work for someone else. Experiment with different styles of eating and see what works for you. For now…let’s cut out the nutritionally-void foods and fill our bodies with goodness.