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Help Me In My Quest To Help Others

As a partial-continuation of “Do We Have a Purpose In Life?”  I ponder how I can help others. I firmly believe I have a few things that I’m meant to do in life and it’s time to take these “tasks” seriously. I don’t really want to use the term “task” because it has a fairly down connotation like it’s some sort of drudgery. I do in fact enjoy helping others and am committing more of my time and energy in doing so. In a perfect world I wouldn’t have to worry about paying many of these bills and would instead be partaking in events around the world to raise money and awareness for particular interests, start a charity or two of my own, and just be more active in the community to help others.

I’ve donated to many events that friends and family have signed up to do. I’ve done a few events throughout my life but never really focused on any particular cause. I’ve done the Rhode Island MS-150 (finding out shortly after I signed up that I have a lot more friends and family members with multiple sclerosis that I thought). I did the AIDS/Lifecycle ride simply because it was a challenge and a beautiful ride. I can’t even tell you how many runs I’ve done for various charities. However, now is the time to become more focused and have at it.

Here are some things I’ve got going on now and some future events I’m interested in. It’s a blatant, shameless request for assistance on a couple of things. However, if you truly believe then we can certainly make a difference.

1) The AIDS/Lifecycle Ride – It’s a bike ride (as in you pedal your bike up and down mountains, no motors here) from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The money goes to raise money for AIDS research and awareness. It’s a disease that can easily affect us all and has the stigma of being a disease for only druggies and the gay population. I need to raise $3,000 to participate…any donation (hey look…here’s a link for your convenience! http://tinyurl.com/37ctgke). Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

2) An Unnamed Ride Still In Development Stages – As some of the readers of WaxPorhetoric are aware of, my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and passed away three months later. This is the woman that still inspires me, and others, today. The plan is to set up a bike ride (we like bikes…what can I say?) in Pittsburgh. I NEED LOTS OF HELP HERE. Around the campus of Carnegie Mellon University (where I went to school and where Randy Pausch gave his very inspiring Last Lecture Series “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”. I’ve already been communicating with the Lustgarten Foundation (an organization specifically set up for pancreatic cancer research and aid). Anyone that knows how to begin the logistical mess of starting one of these (ie, permits, EMT, course design, volunteers, etc) please send me an email.

3) Pan-Mass Challenge – A weekend long bike ride (it’s those bikes again!) in Massachusetts where the money is donated to cancer research. I haven’t done this one yet but it’s supposed to be one of the better ones.

4) RAGBRAI – A bike ride across Iowa. The event itself isn’t a charitable event but I’d be riding with the Livestrong team, thus raising more money for cancer research and having a week of exposure raising awareness.

And there you go…a list of a few ways we can help others out. It’s easier to help others than one may imagine. It can also be fairly overwhelming for someone to take on a number of these things. I do however think it’s worth the effort.

My humble request to my readers.

  1. Please donate and/or forward to someone who will donate for the AIDS/Lifecycle ride.
  2. Ponder the charity ride I’m trying to set up and point me in the right direction (or someone to me) if you know how to help. Email any help you’ve got!
  3. Become involved in some way to help others

Simple enough! We’re all  here together…let’s find a way to make it better for us all.