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Stopped Eating Processed Grains And I Feel Great

The title says it all…I’ve pretty much cut processed grains out of my diet and I feel great. It’s been a fairly long-standing trial as I tested this and I can honestly say I enjoy it all.

So, how did I get here? Was I always like this? Oh no…I used to eat my cereal in the morning and loved a good piece of garlic toast. And being the business startup guy that I am, there were many times I’d be buying the cheapest food possible in order to fund everything else. Cheapest food out there? Usually ramen noodles and other pasta. Of course, I was nowhere near the bread and pasta eaters that many other people are…I just happened to do it out of necessity.

I never felt TOO unhealthy. However, I look at pictures and egads, I sure didn’t look healthy. Yet, once I cut these processed grains out, I do feel rather icky (the technical term for it) after eating the processed grains again. It’s one of those things where you don’t realize you feel bad until you start to feel really good and then get back to that bad point and go “ewww”.

Over the years I’ve tried many variations on my diet. I call it “MY” diet and not “A” diet because short term diets sucks and just aren’t good for you. I want a sustainable diet that I can actually enjoy while I live a healthy life. I can’t recall any of my other methods of eating as being particularly superb, being the ones that make me go “yes! This is the one!” Do this from now on!”

It all started when my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a couple years ago. A few family members and myself scoured the net and talked to people all around trying to find a good diet for my mother and in that time I learned a lot about various eating methods myself. The first and main diet we focused on was the macrobiotic diet. In theory it makes sense to me (yes, I have a rather scientific and geeky mind along with my passionate and intuitive side) as it is geared to getting the body back to an alkaline state rather than an acidic state (which cancer happens to thrive on). Yet…I never was a big bread and pasta eater so it was far too much of a chore for me to try to enjoy this.

My next focus was more towards a Paleo diet. Meat and vegetables and hardly any processed grains. Again…in theory it made sense as man shrunk roughly six inches and started getting a multitude of diseases when they left the Paleolithic Era and started eating processed grains. Given my love for fish and steak and eggs and other sources of protein, this is one I could get behind. It’s also been a great way to force me to eat more vegetables as I know I’ve been lacking over the years.

Noticeable Improvements

Here’s what I’ve noticed since I’ve been doing this. I started in March 2011 and it is now November 2011.
Fat loss – I lost about 30 pounds of fat. Without working out or starving myself. In fact I eat as much as I possibly can to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients (that I’m “missing” from bread and pasta). I actually lost that in the two or three months and have been maintaining a steady (and healthy) weight since then.

  • More energy – Yes, I have more energy despite the fact I’m not eating all the breads that the USDA claims I need for energy. Think of the carnivores out in the wild eating their prey…they have energy and don’t eat bread. Why do WE need it? In fact, if I eat a piece of bread or drink a sugary drink (very infrequently), I feel so sluggish and lethargic afterwards.
  • Less aches – I don’t feel as achy in my joints and muscles. I still stay fairly active playing soccer when I can and doing other things, yet I feel YOUNGER now than I did before. (for the record, I just turned 39).
  • Less colds – I haven’t had a cold in nearly a year now. Coincidence? Maybe. I’ll give my cleaner diet credit for this.

What I Eat

It will take a bit of adjustment for you to get used to eating like this…especially in the bread and pasta-centric culture that the US is. (I now feel for you vegans out there who have a hard time finding food while out at a restaurant). Just do this for a while…go out and try to find something that does NOT have bread…it’s tough! I end up making my own breakfast, lunch, dinner. I of course bring my lunch to work. ADDED BONUS…it’s cheaper making your own food than going out. Hurray!

Breakfast – Protein shake and some greens
Morning snack – Four eggs (don’t worry about cholestorol…dietary cholestorol doesn’t add to your numbers)
Snack – Almonds, some DARK chocolate, coconut oil
Lunch – Chicken and broccoli
Snack – Almonds, some DARK chocolate, coconut oil
Evening – Protein shake, coconut milk
Dinner – Tuna, some veggie

That’s it.
There you go.
Easy to do, cheap, and healthy. I could use more veggies in there but I’m a bit busy right now with a few projects and am not living in my own space yet so I can’t fill the kitchen with everything I want/need just yet.

Healthy body, healthy mind. Let’s keep it all going.

(I tried to keep this short but didn’t want to leave out too much info. My blood numbers have been good and I will continue to keep everyone updated. No, I don’t plan on selling a book and I don’t think you need to buy one. It’s easy to eat healthy and listen to your body)