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Dear Mom, You Probably Think This Blog Is About You

Dear Mom, you probably think this blog is about you. Well, guess what…you’re right, it is. It’s been a while since I’ve written to you to let you know how things are. Life is still so very different since you left us a few years ago. Gone are the days where I call you each weekend just to give you
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A Letter To My Mom – 2012

Hi Mom, It’s Mother’s Day 2012, my third Mother’s Day without you. Let me start off by saying I miss you so terribly much. So much has happened in the years that passed since you were taken from us. So much to tell, both good and bad. You were the best mother I can ever imagine having and I guess
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Ten Things To Do Today And Every Day

Hello my fellow Wax Porhetoricians (Hm, I still need to think of a good name for us, don’t I? Feel free to leave some suggestions). A few days ago I was rearin’ to write as my mind was spinning with all sorts of goodness. Then, as things tend to happen in our crazy modern lifestyle, I let time pass as
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