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The Power of Building REAL Relationships

The last couple weeks have been rather amazing both personally and professionally in terms of how relationships that I have built are really enriching life. I KNOW it’s an important thing and I take pride in the relationships that I’ve built but I will admit that I often forget that it’s not as commonplace as I assume and I tend to take it for granted.

In business, it seems like a no-brainer yet many people feel the need to be of the shrewd “screw ’em for short term gain” mindset. Really now…why? That bridge you burned to gain a hundred dollars could have led to thousands of dollars and countless opportunities down the road. I am reminded of this as people that I have worked with many moons ago are asking my whereabouts and if I’d be intersted in working with them on this project and that. It’s such a simple concept yet it baffles me that it’s not a common practice.

In your personal life, building solid relationships with people is equally as important. For instance, there are two events each year that I attend. One has been going on for 14 years and the other for 17. I haven’t missed one yet. On the surface it would appear that it’s just a gathering or a party, but deep down (at least for me) it’s a chance to forge new relationships and build upon the existing onces. Life is so much richer with these solid relationships (I use the word “relationship” rather than “friendship” because I feel the ones I am speaking of are much stronger than a typical friendship) in place. Not only does it feel good when people are excited to see you and are excited to introduce you to their friends but it also leaves a lasting impression and a year-round smile that builds in excitement as the event time nears.

Now…mix the two. You’ve built solid relationships personally and have come to realize that some of these people would be great to work with, that you trust them implicitly. It’s often been said “don’t go into business with a friend”. You know what? It’s crap. I’ve done it and I’ll do it again. Knowing you can trust this person on and off the battlefield, with personal items, etc is something that can’t be measured but can definitely add to a great working relationship.

So there you go…I’ve given you the secret to a great life and the possibilities of a successful business relationship. Do the good work, treat people right, be genuine, never turn down a good friendship no matter what the circumstances and I guarantee you’ll have good things happening to you.