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The Power of Positive Thought

First…I apologize to those readers that have been waiting for a new posting. With plenty of travel (loads of weddings this year amongst other things) and other events (which you will soon see), I’ve been a bit busy.

Now, as I ponder the events of the past week or so and how some of these events take me back many more years, I am reminded at just how powerful different thoughts can be in how they control one’s life. For the most part I’ve been a fairly positive person and was raised that I could accomplish pretty much anything if I put my mind to it. It seems like such a simple concept but as I’ve grown older I realize not everyone has been given this as a way to live. If there was something I didn’t know it was simply a matter of time before I would learn it and then I’d know it. There was no “I can’t do this”…only “I may not be able to do it now but I’ll do my best and soon I’ll have it mastered”. And because of this I’ve grown to learn and experience many things in life.

Unfortunately the converse is also true. If you believe you’re dumb or that you’ll never learn something or that life is out to get you, that’s exactly what will happen. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that can go one way or the other.

It sounds like an exceedingly simple way to live life, but when you get down to it that’s how life really is. Think of the successful people in your life or in that you’ve seen. Do they go around saying “I can’t do that. I’m going to fail”? No they don’t. Now think of the people that you know that seem to have all the bad luck in life. How do they live their life? Happy? Positive? I highly doubt it.

All of this comes up from me finding out my current contract won’t be extended at a particular place I’m working. How did it affect me? Aside from the initial “oh crap” feelings and thoughts that I had, I am viewing it as a little fire under me to get that better opportunity that I deserve. Everyone that knows me knows I haven’t been particularly happy with this one contract (the drive is too far and too long, I’m underutilized and underpaid, and it’s simply not anything I feel any passion for) so this is my opportunity to find something more suited for me in a shorter time frame.

Shortly after I was told about the contract I have received various offers from people to do work. A Project Management gig here, an IT Manager position there, an EDI Manager, Sales…you name it. The best part about this however is the fact some of these things were completely out of the blue. I didn’t contact anyone and ask if they knew of anything but rather I’d get a random email asking what I was up to and if I would be interested in something.

All this rambling about the current situation and possible new opportunities has a point. I remained positive. I sent positive energy out into the universe and the universe responded. If you believe in what “the Secret” teaches, this is one way in which positive thoughts manifest into reality. If you’re a religious person, it’s the power of prayer and your prayers being answered with opportunities. There are many ways to look at it but the outcome remains the same…maintain a positive attitude and good things present themselves. Let negativity rear its ugly head and you’ll be heading down a road where everything seems go to wrong.

So chin up people! Life is grand. Don’t look at particular events as barriers but look at them as opportunities or even little detours that make you pause and make sure you’re enjoying life for what it should be.