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More on Being Grateful for What You Have

Ya know…we can all sit here and complain about troubles at work, cranky roommates, bad traffic…whatever it may be. But again, sometimes it’s the little things that can put the biggest smile on your face if you just take a break for a minute and think “oh yeah…I DO have a lot going for me”.

My mother recently asked me for a list of phone numbers of friends that she could call should anything happen to me and she needed to check in on me. Seems like a reasonable request. I generally try to keep her updated on my life about once a week (I tell ya…more happens in one week of my life than most people have in a couple months. I wonder if I should chill for a bit…hmmm) and I can understand why she may get concerned if a few weeks go by and she hears no “you’ll never believe what happened on Tuesday. Then Thursday I had…”

I sent myself a reminder so when I got home I could go ahead and compile this list and send it to her. I was easily able to throw down a list of six phone numbers of people that would know what was up with me and could check in on me in no time if need be. No struggling to think “huh, would this person check on me?” or “would that person want to be bothered by my mother?” It was an awesome feeling. I smiled when I realized I had such a good group around me. I’m smiling now as I recall that simple task and how it made me feel.

I’ve been hellaciously (it’s a word…I swear) stressed recently with the roommate situation and with a job that so under-appreciates, under-utilizes, under-pays me and a little pick-me-up like this tends to get things back into perspective. Whew!

So…once again I ramble on with something you hear me say quite a bit…let’s not dwell on the bad but instead think of all the good things we’ve got going for us. It all ties in with the self-fulfillying prophesy, manifestation, creating a good energy around you that will attract like energies, and so forth. Plus it just makes life that much better. We’re all human. I’m not always so “rah rah” as much as I’d love to be. The more we work on this though, the easier it becomes. Before we know it, it’s all a subconscious way of life for us. Hurray to good friends, good family, and all the good things we’ve got.