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Six Unspectacular Things About Me

My cousin Ryan tagged me to continue on with his funky meme of “6 Unspectacular Things About Me”. So, in my never ending quest to entertain the readers while also giving the author (me!) of Wax Porhetoric a more human voice, I figured “what the hell”. Enjoy.

1) I must have music around me. Always. When I’m in the car, at home, working. I head out to see as much local music as I can.

2) I too have an odd relationship with coffee. I’ll go months without having a cup. Every now and then in that period I’ll have some and bounce off the walls. I slowly find myself easing back into it (usually as the weather gets colder) and suddenly I’m drinking three or four cups a day…often with no effect. Then I realize I’m drinking too much so I stop. Hm…speaking of coffee, I think I’ll go make a pot.

3) For the most part I’ve grown up on the east coast…specifically the northeast and the Atlanta area down south. Yet many people often mistaken me for a California boy. I think I must have been one in a former life because I do feel more comfortable in the lovely confines of Santa Cruz, California.

4) I was scrawny up until sixth or seventh grade. Then I became a porky fella which lasted mostly through college. Then my disgust with being out of shape had me being fairly healthy again, focusing on eating right and exercising. My weight still fluctuates (usually during football season where I drink too much beer, eat too many wings, and work out less). I think my obsession with health stems from being a tubby kid.

5) I used to be shy. I think. I’m still fairly quiet when I enter a new situation as I observe the people and then I let loose.

6) I tend to eat WAY too much when I’m stressed. And if there happen to be Twix around, it’s all over.

I’m supposed to tag six others to do this but I’m not one follow the rules all the time. In that light, here are a few noteworthy people that have all influenced my life in one way or another. So…Spencer, Kate, Erik, Carlos…show me what you got.