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Look For The Positive Things In Life

Readers of Wax Porhetoric know I’ve got a fairly positive spin on life. Life is so much better when you look at all the good things you have going for you rather than the bad things that may put a damper on your day. I’ll be honest though…I’ve got my rough days and my rough periods in life. However, I think it’s because of my positive views that I can handle some things that just seem unbearable.

Right now I have a job that is absolutely running me into the ground. The hours are ridiculous and I’m getting maybe four hours of sleep a day. I’m cranky, I’ve been out of touch with friends and family, and I’m just plain worn out. I know that there’s and end to this mess though. That keeps me going. It’s the other things in life though that really pick me up when I need it. For example, I’ve been working on a website for a client. Yeah…I’ve taken on some extra work while working these crap hours. But this is something I enjoy doing…plus it’s a little extra cash when times are rough. This project has been busy, interesting, constantly changing, and fun. Today was a great moment however when I submitted a mockup of the new site to my client and he was gushing all over. I couldn’t help but smile. I was tired as crap, worn down from a week of no sleep, but knowing that my work was appreciated was simply amazing. I smiled. I had an extra spring in my step. Life was good for a change.

So what’s my point here?
Find something that rocks your world. Do something that you enjoy doing. Do something that you’re good at it. When everything else is beating you down, enjoy your own little victories. You’ve got a lot to offer this world. Sometimes it’s hard to see when your boss is bitching about that, your family needs this, friends need that…
When it’s all said and done though, it’s YOU that is living YOUR life. Find solace in the things that you are good at. Show the world that you do rock. Or…show yourself. It’s the little things in life…remember?

I hope this finds everyone in good health and in good spirits. Remember, we all have something we can contribute. Enjoy the talents that you have and show those around you what you can do.