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Change Up That Routine To Stay Sane

We’ve all got routines in life. Some are out of comfort, some for necessity. Perhaps you’ve got your morning routine with a setup of tasks that go in a certain order that gets you out the door quickly for work. Perhaps you’ve got your comfort routine when you get home from work. Many of these routines can be quite efficient and necessary to deal with life in today’s “where the hell did all the time go?” existence. And sometimes when there’s just one change in this routine (“crap, where are my glasses?” or “oh no, I’m out of gas. I’m going to be late”) can throw your whole schedule off kilter.

However, there are times where breaking that routine can keep you sane. For example, you wake up, shower, go to work, work, eat lunch, work, come home, cook dinner, do dishes, catch up on work, maybe watch some TV, go to bed. Do this over and over again and you’ve got your daily routine. Seems efficient enough…

Now take a friend who asks you to do some pet sitting or something. “Ayeeee! My routine! Where will I fit this in???” you may be thinking. Don’t fret…in fact, do the opposite of fretting. Embrace it! Embrace the fact you get to chill in a new environment for a bit. Take in this new kitty and enjoy the fact you’re helping a friend, making the cat happy, taking a break from your regular routine, and mixing it up a little. Sometimes even the smallest change in routine can work a world of wonders. Bigger examples would be taking a vacation, going on a road trip, etc…but they don’t all have to be big. Break up the routine, smile, take a deep breath and enjoy the silence in this new setting as you escape your usual busy life.