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Putting It Out There

Hello my loyal (and new) readers. It’s time once again to revisit the lessons that The Secret has to teach. I apologize for taking so long to write since my last post, but life has certainly been busy…and I’m happy to say it’s all been good stuff that’s been keeping me busy. I’ll try not to go so long between postings…

According to The Secret, if we “put it out into the Universe, the Universe will make it happen”. Oddly enough I swear I’ve been seeing this happen in the past few months. I’ve seen it through my own eyes and seen it through the lives of others. We’re sitting here going through what the news is reporting as one of the worst economic times in a generation or two. Yet, I’m not feeling this. There are a number of people rather close to me, both in business and who are close to me, that don’t seem to be feeling it either. It’s not that we’re in denial, but we continue to think positively and to think about what we want. One entrepreneur close to me said “perhaps I should just get a full time job” and surprisingly enough she had a recruiter call her later that day. She had been taking care of her own business for over a year. Another friend and entrepreneur has been thinking about what he needs to get some of his companies to the next step and now things are moving along for him. Bad economy? Only for those that are getting caught up in all the doom and gloom and going with all the negativity that the press is putting out there.

I have always been a proponent of positive thinking and the self manifestation of our positive (or negative) thoughts. The Secret only reinforces my thoughts on this and helps to remind me that I need to continue putting forth positive energy and positive thoughts out there. I will continue to attract good people and continue to attract the good things in life that I want.

Ignore the negative out there. Think about the good that you’ve got. And by all means, put it out there. If you’ve got a job you want…tell your friends and tell the Universe. If you want true love, let it be known. Don’t keep these things in. If you put it out there, if you let the Universe know, you make it easier for these things to come true. There’s no harm in putting it out there. Do it…and see what comes to your life.