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Never Give Up Hope

Hello again loyal readers of Wax Porhetoric (has anyone else ever enjoyed the play on words here or have I just been in a happy little world since I thought it up?). Today’s topic…Never give up hope. Why? Well why not? If you give up hope even momentarily you might as well just throw in the towel with life in general. Don’t let a momentary hiccup in life bring you down and change your general outlook on life. Once you start down that scary path it’s hard to get things back to normal. Depression can be a scary scary thing.

Just in case you think I’m babbling from my silver spoon fed life, nah, I’m not. Let’s see…Thursday I just found out they’re canceling my training program at work (in other words I’m out of a full time job), Saturday I got a speeding ticket on the way to my soccer game (which happened to be our first loss of the season…I sped for that?!?) and then today I started my day with some more news that bummed me out. Did I let that bring me down? Well…I will admit that it took the wind out of my sails and I had a bit of writer’s block for a couple hours. I was having a hard time working on some of the things I was working on but I refused to let it get me down. Once I shook it all off I was back at it working on improving my life and working for my goals. Working on my passions, working on my goals…and hours later I had good news coming in.

I know it can be tough when it seems like you just keep getting kicked and kicked. You work hard and you get kicked again. Don’t let it get you down. This is your time to shine. As others give up hope and fall into their hole you can continue on and discover the treasures that are undiscovered by those that have already given up.

I of course have to put in the fact you make your own life…you manifest what you believe. If you believe life sucks…it’ll suck. If you believe that good things will happen, well guess what, it will. So keep that positive attitude. Keep trucking along. Even if you go from a medium pace to a crawl…keep moving forward. Keep your eyes on the goal, keep the hope and you will get there.