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Find What Makes You Happy…Then Do It

Hello to all the loyal readers and newcomers to Wax Porhetoric. Today we shall wax poetically (and you will enjoy my rhetoric…oh yes you shall!) about finding what it is that makes you happy in life and how you should just do it.

Many people in this world will say that is a childish view of things. Is it really though? Is it so ludicrous to think that we deserve to be happy? No…no it’s not. It really IS possible to enjoy life. How many of you have read an article on someone or seen a program on somebody and thought “wow, they’re so lucky. They get to do whatever they want in life and I’m stuck here”? Unfortunately that is a common thought amongst many people but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The next group of nay-sayers will say “but I have to pay the bills and I don’t have time after my job to do what I want”. Ok…have you thought about changing jobs? Or if you REALLY wanted, I’m sure you could find time pursuing a passion of yours. Skip an hour of TV here, consolidate some chores there, and before you know it you’ll have some extra time to do something that really makes you happy.

There are many ways to do what makes you happy. We get so caught up in life that we sometimes forget about the simple pleasures in life. Think about things that made you happy as a kid. As silly as it may sound, try doing those things again. Did you enjoy coloring? Get a coloring book and have at it. Who knows…that may be just the stress reliever you needed. Even better, you may find you have a talent for drawing and coloring and you could become a famous artist. At the very least, you’ll be having fun. Did you enjoy going outside and playing? Do it. It’s healthy for you in mind, body, and soul. Did you enjoy taking pictures? Cameras are pretty darn cheap now. Have fun! Cooking? Hop in the kitchen and cook away. Host some dinner parties. Who knows who you’ll meet and where that could lead. Making up fun stories? Write them down and share them with people. Maybe you’ll become the next best selling author.

See how easy that all was? There are SO many things in life that can make you happy. Things that can make you lose yourself. Things that excite you and fill you with energy. Things that fuel the fire and make you want to be a better person. These things can help your home life, love life, personal life, professional life…any and every life you have. These things can be simple or complex. These can be things you do with a group of people or things you do alone. Whatever the case…find what makes you happy and do it. We owe it to ourselves.