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Surrounding Yourself With Good People

I had a great day yesterday and was pondering why it was such a great day. I didn’t get a great new job offer or anything. Didn’t win the lottery. Didn’t achieve some new goal in life. So what was so great about my day? The fact I spent it with great people…from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. When you surround yourself with great people you can’t help but smile and have a great day.

So what’s the point of this post? To brag about what great friends and family I’ve got? Nope. It’s to serve as a reminder that hey, when things seem a bit rough why don’t you go ahead and visit someone you love. When things are good, get a group of your good people together and have a great day.

It really is as easy as that. Having brunch with my mother, uncle, and girlfriend was just plain nice. It was fun catching up with my uncle and watching my mother and him interact as the loving siblings they are and watching my girlfriend watch this interaction. Afterwards it was time to hit brunch number two for a dear friend that was having a birthday. Brunch was spent with him and friends and then it was to his sister’s house to hang out with his family and a few close friends. This was unplanned but such a great time…quality time spent with quality people. I was a big smiling mess as we drove home afterwards…smiling that I got to share this occasion with good people and smiling that my day was made because of all this.

Here we are on Monday now, starting a new week of looking for exciting new opportunities in life. Opportunities to enjoy life with good people and opportunities in business that will help us all thrive.

Again…I want you all to ponder why I’m plowing through this Monday with so much positive energy. It’s because I had a full day of surrounding myself with good people. It’s easy to pull back a bit as our finances get stretched thin or as our stress levels raise but by doing so we’re actually making things worse. It may be a bit tougher to go out and socialize…we may have to make a more concerted effort to do so but I swear to you, it is more than worth it. It’s more than just a good time. It’s a chance to recharge your batteries. It’s a chance to fill yourself with love and positive energy as you all share it with each other. You can then carry this with you as you move on through the week tackling issues that may arise and accepting new opportunities as they come before you.

Make that call. Go visit someone or have them over for dinner. It’ll do more good than you think.