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Keep Up With Your Passions

So there I was writing what I thought was going to be a quick post (once I get going…egads! There’s no stopping me) on The Social Beast about holding out and not taking such a horrific job in this economy simply to survive. At one time I had that terrible job and it affected all parts of my life. My sanity, my health, my relationships with people. It just wasn’t good. Thank goodness I don’t have that anymore!

This isn’t about that though. It’s about following your passions. Hm…familiar topic? Yes, yes it is. Why am I rambling on about it again? Because sometimes we all need reminders. Even I need reminders. And sometimes I’m just reminded by doing something. In this case I was reminded of my passion for writing while doing that last post. Sometimes we forget to pursue our passions, big and small, simply to survive. That’s a counter-productive endeavor though. While it may seem sensible to drop things that are enjoyable in order to survive in these rather tough economic times, we actually end up hurting ourselves. As we do less and less of what gives us positive thoughts and energy, we slowly slide down a path of negativity which in turn affects everything we do. Suddenly it’s tough for us to do ANYTHING. Our personal relationships are affected, we’re not able to work efficiently and effectively. It’s just not a pretty scene.

There ya go. A quick reminder that we have to continue to pursue our passions. It’ll make us happier. It’ll make us healthier. It’ll positively affect those around us. It’ll give us a better chance at landing a better job. So why not do it? I sure can’t think of a reason. Find your passion and go for it. You’ll be glad you did.