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Friendships, Passions, and Life

Hello fellow Wax Porhetoric peeps (I really need to find a name for us, don’t I? “Wax Porhetoricers” just doesn’t cut it. Suggestions anyone?),

I am now back in town and ready to reflect on life. And oh is there life to reflect on…yes yes there is. You can read about some of my trip back to Carnegie Mellon for Carnival on The Social Beast‘s blog if you want. There will also be a more business aspect to this all on Chia Town but this being the place where we ponder life and everything it has for us, I shall give it the spin we’re all used to seeing.

As I stated, I just got back in town from a trip to Pittsburgh. Catching up with friends that I haven’t seen in a while always makes me happy. Yes, I do keep in touch with them and we pontificate upon life via email and phone. However, there is nothing like a face-to-face meeting to really get us going. What makes a good friendship great however is learning about each other and learning about each other’s passions. It doesn’t matter what the passion is, be it personal, professional, silly, deep…whatever it is, the more you know and the more you share, the better.

My time in Pittsburgh was spent catching up, playing games, having conversations about new business ideas, talking about the Steelers, discussing health and fitness, pondering how to live life, discussing the merits of different cities around the country, sharing hobbies and so forth. It’s sharing passions that really gets people going. Anyone can be methodical and educated and say “eating protein after working out is good” or “find a job that makes you happy”. However, when you’re all passionate about what you are talking about the good ideas really start to flow.

I am very very grateful for the friendships that I’ve accumulated over the years. I can’t tell you how many good ideas that have been tossed back and forth. How many memorable moments in life that have been shared. How many times I’ve actually been sad that our trip had come to an end and wanting to continue the visit so we could finish up business.

I think that’s it for today. I think you all get the gist. Sharing your passions with your friends really enriches life. To me, a friendship without passion is simply an acquaintance. I’ve got plenty of those. I prefer to live life with the passionate people, people who share their passions with me and people I can share my passions with. I want to get into a heated debate about the merits of a Mac over a PC, to get giddy about seeing the Steelers play with a fellow Steelers fan, to look forward to discussing life and love with a friend over some drinks while we hike through the woods. Think about the friendships you’ve got…when’s the last time you shared your passions and passionate times with them. Is it time to rekindle such?