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Smiling Is Fun…Try It

Smiling is fun…really! You should try it.

Yeah yeah yeah…we all hear about how smiling is good for you. How being happy is good for you. It’s true…it really is. However, I’m not here to talk about all the health benefits of having a positive attitude (and I’ll try to refrain from getting to all the scientific research that shows how the body’s own chemistry changes based on your mood, stress, etc). Instead I’m here to talk about how smiling can be fun.

Take this for an example. A few weeks ago I was off to get some badly needed groceries. I was out of food so I HAD to go. It was right around rush hour but my schedule was full thus I couldn’t put it off until a less crowded time. So I went, knowing full well it was going to be crazy crowded. Now THIS is where I did things different than most people around would do. Instead of grumbling and thinking “ugh, this is going to suck” I instead thought “it will be crowded but there will be some good people watching. You know things will be slow…just go slow with it”. So I did.

Walking around the store, taking my time. Looking at this, checking out that.

“Hm, I never saw that there before”.

“Oh, I could probably cook something yummy with that.”

Every now and then I’d get a chuckle out of people losing it as they rush around in a tizzy.

Another time there was one small group of people (clearly together) that just stood there blocking an aisle. Annoying, yes. This woman with her child behind me just sighs “oh laaawd, really?”. I turned, chuckled, she goes “oh, did I say that out loud?” and I replied “yup, we’re all thinking it” still with a smile on my face. She ended up smiling, we chuckled and then moved on.

Imagine how differently that one incident would have been had I been frowning. First, I probably would have been snippy with the group. Second, the woman would have seen that she wasn’t the only annoyed person and that would have annoyed her even more. Then we’d keep feeding off each other’s negative energy until something not-so-great happened.

The point of my little grocery store story telling is this. The trip could have sucked big time had I let it. Instead I chose to smile. It was this decision to smile that kept me calm throughout the trip, was infectious and helped other people to smile, and all-in-all it wasn’t a bad trip at all.

Smiling is fun…try it.

Watch people turn their frowns into smiles.
Watch people look at you and wonder “what’s wrong with them?”
More importantly, watch your mood be elevated simply by smiling.

Remember, it really is a choice between happiness and the opposite. Let us all choose happiness.