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Ten Things To Do Today And Every Day

Hello my fellow Wax Porhetoricians (Hm, I still need to think of a good name for us, don’t I? Feel free to leave some suggestions).

A few days ago I was rearin’ to write as my mind was spinning with all sorts of goodness. Then, as things tend to happen in our crazy modern lifestyle, I let time pass as I tried to take care of other things and now all that wild emotion is just a big frenzy of emotion swirling around with nothing solid enough to grasp onto. So, given that there’s so much up there but nothing worth waxing poetically about (or tossing my rhetoric your way), I leave you with ten things to do today. A simple list that can easily be done. Perhaps you should print out this list and go through each item every week. Baby steps…all leading to a better life for us all.

Ten Things To Do Today And Every Day

  1. Smile – It’s good for you. It also affects your mood and puts you in a good mood while also putting others in a good mood.
  2. Take a walk – It’s good for you. It’s been shown to reduce stress, clear the mind, and obviously it’s good for the body.
  3. Turn off the TV – It’s good for you (do you see a theme here?). Studies show watching the TV actually burns less calories than sleeping. Plus you’ll find much better things to do with your time.
  4. Call or write to an old friend – They’re friends for a reason, right? Check up on them, catch up, keep good people in your life.
  5. Smile more – It’s good for you…enough said.
  6. Thank a family member or a friend – SOMEONE in your life has helped you in ways that have impacted your life greatly, either with a single event or a lifetime of support. Thank them for it, let them know it’s appreciated.
  7. Do something manually – It’s good for you. Use your hands and your brain. Try washing your dishes by hand. Or make some part of the meal from scratch. You’ll be surprised at how therapeutic it can be.
  8. Think about a best period in your life – Think about it. Why was this “the best time in life” for you? Now try to replicate that.
  9. Hobbies – Get back into an old hobby or get a new one. It keeps the mind active and it’s just plain fun. The benefits are far stretching…do I really need explain them all here?
  10. Set a goal – Set any goal, be it a long term major goal (“I want to travel to Italy next year”) or a quick easy goal (“I want to go for a hike this weekend”) and go for it. Having a goal in mind gives us something to strive for.

There…wasn’t that easy? I think we can all do this. I know we can. Now we just have to do it.

For now, I shall thank my mother for having taught me so much in life and for continuing to teach me even after her passing. Well done Mom.