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Instant Gratification…We Need To Slow Down

There’s no doubt that the pace of life has been speeding up as time marches on. Compare today’s lifestyle with that of someone from the 18th century and you won’t see very many similarities. We are increasingly finding the need for instant gratification…we need our food now, our news now, faster internet…we need it now!!!

Interestingly enough, as we keep striving to live in a society of instant gratification our quality of life has continued to drop. Also, compare the quality of life to a United States citizen to that of other developed nations and you’ll see a gap there too…with the U.S. lagging behind. Perhaps we need to throw off this desire for instant gratification and slow down a bit and enjoy life.

Do you carry your cell phone with you everywhere? Answer every single call that comes in? You probably don’t have much down time, do you?

How about email? Do you leave it up and running while you work and feel the need to reply as soon as you get something?

Do you have a loved one send you text messages and then get upset with you if you don’t reply right away? No matter that you were in a meeting or in the shower…we’ve been conditioned to expect instant responses and now we’re upset if we don’t get them.

When is the last time you sat down at a fast food restaurant and thought “wow, this is an amazing meal”? Yet, when you cook a dinner with friends or family, not only is the food better but your time with them is quality time too.

Let’s slow down.
Let’s get back to being happy.
There are plenty of things in our lives that we can “do the long way” or take our time doing. If you pick just five things to approach in that way a week I assure you life will start to feel a bit more enjoyable.