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Using Nature to Clear Your Head

When is the last time you’ve used nature to clear your head? It’s so easy to get caught up in city life (or even suburban life) but we’ve got to remember just how awesome it is going back to our roots in nature. Many of the happiest people in the world have something in common…there is an abundance of natural beauty to look at or immerse yourself in. Coincidence? I think not…

Studies have shown that simply taking a walk can elevate one’s mood and ward off the nasty fingers of depression. I often take a walk during lunch to stretch the legs, get the blood flowing, and clear my head. It’s amazing how something as simple as a walk can not only lower stress, clear the head, and give you solutions to problems that have been plaguing your head for days on end. Try it…it works.

I recently spent the weekend out at a state park camping at a wedding (yes, you read that correctly). First of all, sleeping in a tent, waking up by the lake, being surrounded by trees was just plain awesome and a great mind clearer. There were a few duties that I had to help the groom and best man and despite all the running around I felt quite calm and refreshed. I’m quite convinced it was because I was able to spend time by the lake in my tent breathing in all the fresh air.

It’s a simple thing…go outside. Take a walk. Go for a bike ride. Go exploring. If you’ve got some time (perhaps you should MAKE the time), head out of the city and hit a park, or a meadow, or whatever and listen to the birds, see the trees, take it all in and I guarantee you’ll feel some weight lifted off your shoulders. Do this enough and I’m sure you’ll be addicted to it.

So simple, yet sometimes we need little reminders. Once we experience it though, we’ll wonder how we forgot just how great it is. Head out, even if you have to force yourself and you’ll soon see what you’ve been missing and you’ll start craving more.