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What Is Coincidence?

Just what is a coincidence? Is it really just a random set of circumstances happening together? Or is there greater meaning to it? Some people say there’s no such thing as coincidence while others dismiss them completely. Where do you stand?

Longtime readers of Wax Porhetoric (I’m still trying to figure if I should make this one word or two. Any ideas?) know of the passing of my mother to pancreatic cancer a couple years ago and how she was my best friend in the world. Readers will also know of the kitten that I named Sparky in my mother’s honor (as my mother used to be fond of saying “simmer down there sparky” or “how you doing sparky?”). Sadly, Sparky contracted FIP, a fatal disease in cats and passed away this past October (the same month, just a year later, that my mom passed away).

What is all this leading up to?

It leads to the new kitten. It had been months since the thought of another kitten entered my mind. There were enough other things in life to worry about (ie, landing a full time job, getting my knee back in order, taking care of a few debts, etc). No time to think about a cat! On a whim one day I happened to check the site where I had gotten Sparky. They happened to have one Burmese kitten left.

Hm, a sign? Just one kitten left out of the litter on the one day I happen to check? Perhaps. Or maybe just coincidence.

I ended up getting this kitten, and named her Jeanie (who, like Sparky is also a geek and has her own blog at JeanieTheCat.com), also in honor of my mom and in a way to honor Sparky as this new one would be my magical little bundle of love (get it? Jeanie?)

Two weeks with this kitten and the personality has really come out. Rather quiet and shy until you really get her going and then she is the most playful and lovable kitten ever. Awwww!

Now, the thing that had me do a double take, sit, ponder, and think about it all again.

I was looking at Jeanie’s papers and she was born on the same day (just one year later) that my mother passed away on. Wow.

Coincidence? Who knows.

There are things that happen in this universe that we have no clue of. As humans, we once thought the earth was flat. We thought the sun moved around the earth. We thought thunder and lighting was from gods throwing lighting bolts because they were angry. We though the smallest particles of matter were made up of atoms that consisted of protons, neutrons, and electrons. We discover new things every day. I am not pompous enough to believe that we know everything about the world, the universe, about life and death. Who knows what’s out there and what affects what.

Coincidence or not, Jeanie’s birthday is very special to me. After my mother’s death and then Sparky’s death, I was beginning to hate October (even though my birthday and Halloween are in it). However, Jeanie’s birthday gives hope…the hope and reminder of life.

When this one particular day in October rolls around I will not fall into a depression thinking about my loss. I will think about the great things my mother has given me in my life and then I will pet Jeanie and celebrate her life too.