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The Value of Trust in Life

The value of trust in life cannot be overstated. What originally had me thinking about trust in business (resulting in a post on Chia Town) had me pondering how trust affects everything I do in life.

I take pride in the fact I’ve managed to surround myself with a very trustworthy group of people, friends and family alike. I don’t have to worry about what I can or cannot say to someone, I know that I can go to them with whatever may be on my mind and that everything will be in confidence if I ask it to be. Conversely, I am also proud to have the trust of those that know me. It is reflected in the stories that are told, advice that is asked of me, of personal requests.

I try to lead a drama-free life. Why would one buy a car if they know it will break down all the time? Who needs that drama? Or date someone that brings loads of drama into life (granted, it seems as if some people thrive on that…huh…baffling)? Or own a computer or any other appliance that will be plagued with problems? I know I wouldn’t want to. When you think about it though…the underlying theme here is “do you trust what you are using?” Just as one wouldn’t purchase untrustworthy equipment, one should strive to keep the untrustworthy people out of their lives. Even if it seems like some sort of advantage (personal connections, access to other people or info…I dunno…I grasping at straws right now trying to figure out why one would do that) it really does add more stress to life than one should really have to deal with.

Back to the issue at hand. Trust. It’s important. It’s important in your deepest relationships but it’s also important in relationships with simple acquaintances. When you have that trust factor built in, you can truly be yourself. You can do as you say, act as you please, and continue on through life knowing you won’t be judged because you are surrounded by those that know you and trust you. You can let your guard down and focus your time and energy on living life to the fullest. You can share your innermost desires and pains with others when you have that trust…and that in turn can lead to you achieving those desires and easing the pain that seemed so unbearable.

I could ramble on about this for hours but I think my point has been made. Trust is goooooood. It leads to a much richer life. Here’s to surrounding yourself with good people all around.